My research interests lie in Operating Systems and Systems/Hardware Security. In collaboration with David Kohlbrenner, my current work looks at being able to exploit computational errors that are often silent. Cores that perform such silent, erroneous computations are called Mercurial Cores.

  • Jun 2022 - Sept 2022

    Hotness Tracking for Disaggregated Memory

    During Summer 2022, I interned at Microsoft Research , working with Monish Shah and Daniel Berger. As a part of my internship I evaluated various hotness tracking mechanisms for disaggregated memory infrastructures. My work impacted the ASIC design of future CXL memory controllers.

  • Oct 2021 - Jun 2022

    EPerf: An Application Level Energy Debugger

    Built a tool that estimates fine grained energy consumption of an application on per process basis. I use hardware performance counter data such as number of L1 cache misses, TLB misses, total number of instructions etc. to predict energy consumption.

  • Apr 2020 - Jun 2021

    Using Persistent Memory for Operating Systems

    During my undergrad, I was a part of the UCSD SysNet Group, and was advised by Geoff Voelker. My project explored the benefits and overheads of using non volatile memory (NVM) for operating systems data structures. This project consituted my Undergraduate Thesis.

  • Sept 2018 - Jun 2019

    Early Research Scholars Program

    I worked with Sorin Lerner and William Griswold as a part of the Early Research Scholars Program at UCSD. My project included crowdsourcing Software Verification by gamifying the resource intensive problem of loop invariant identification. My group studied the difference in user participation and quality of data generated in the two versions of the game created for this purpose and presented our results at the UCSD CSE Research Expo.
    Checkout this video shot by UCTV featuring my project!