Priyal Suneja


I am a PhD Student at the UW Systems Lab, working with Tom Anderson. My research interests lie in Operating Systems and Hardware Security.

I did my BS in Computer Science at UC San Diego, where I was wonderfully advised by Geoff Voelker. I did my undergraduate thesis on using Persistent Memory for Operating System Data Structures.

Resume: pdf (updated nov 2022)

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers


My research interests lie in Operating Systems and Systems/Hardware Security. My current work looks at being able to exploit computational errors that are often silent. Cores that perform such silent, erroneous computations are called Mercurial Cores.

During Summer 2022, I interned at Microsoft Research , working with Monish Shah and Daniel Berger. As a part of my internship I evaluated various hotness tracking mechanisms for disaggregated memory infrastructures. My work impacted the ASIC design of future CXL memory controllers.

You can find a list of my other projects here.


  • Sept 2022 - Dec 2022

    TA for Intro to Operating Systems, University of Washington

  • April 2019 - June 2021

    Undergradute Tutor, UCSD CSE Department

    I spent 7 quarters as an undergraduate tutor with the CSE Department at UCSD. I tutored a variety of intro courses such as Introduction to CS, Introduction to Discrete Mathematics, and Computer Organization and Systems Programming. I also tutored Principles of Computer Operating Systems.

Industry Experience

I've interned at Google and ServiceNow as a Software Engineering Intern.

I was at Google during the Summer of 2020, where I worked on porting C/C++ networking code to WebAssembly runtimes with the help of Embind, Emscripten and NodeJS.

I was at ServiceNow during the Summer of 2019, where I built a testing framework to locate the point of failure between two instances connected by Apache Kafka.

You can find more information about my projects in my resume linked at the top!

Leadership & Service

I'm extremely passionate about improving diversity in STEM and in creating an environment in our classrooms and places of work that allows a diverse and inclusive community to thrive.

I was a part of Women In Computing @ UCSD since my sophomore year in college, and served as its president during the 2020/21 school year.

I also served as the Celebration of Diversity lead for the UCSD CSE DEI Committee, which is a group of dedicated faculty, students and staff working on promoting and supporting diversity and inclusion efforts across the Computer Science and Engineering Department at UCSD.